Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Help in ND and MN


Emotional Cravings

Release extremely low feelings (cravings) such as "I feel lonely" or "I feel left out" or "I'm nobody" or any other "hot" issues to lose weight. 

Food Cravings

Stop eating too fast, having to finish your plate, eating bags of cookies or candies or hating to eat healthy food. 

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Hating Exercise

Get motivated to exercise by using the subconscious mind. You may need your doctor's permission to exercise or change your eating patterns. 

How Long Does It Take?

The amount of session time varies on the number of eating issues the person has. Get a FREE EATING ASSESSMENT GUESSTIMATE by emailing me: leann747@gmail.com 

Body Image Re-imaging

Stop feeling ashamed of your body or feeling guilty about eating by using hypnotherapy for weight loss. Start your mind imagining your body the way you want it.

Stomach Stapling

Try the easy way of losing weight - Hypnotherapy - before other more difficult ways. Emotional issues are logically mind issues - not body issues.