Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Addiction help in MN and ND

Alcohol guesstimate form

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This is a list of hot underlying emotional issues you might have that may make you drink. 

See Alcohol hides emotional pain below


Gambling has the same underlying issues of any other addiction (See Alcoholism). This addiction is a real easy way to see that addictions are mind-based since a gambling addiction happens without eating or drinking anything.

Love, Sex, Porn and Co-Dependency

Look here for information about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and  co-dependency issues that hide under addictions. Prairie Hypnotherapy Center, LLC in Fargo can assist in helping people take control of addictions. 

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The Myths Of Addiction

These are my opinions as to what I think are old ideas about addictions in today's world. 

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The Stress Of Addiction

Addictions are all about stress and relating and escaping both! Take time to notice what stress makes you do your addiction and use Hypnosis to release the emotional pain so you can regain control of your life. 

What To Expect With Hypnosis

Expect to relax and spot the "core reasons" you have for your addictions. Then expect to release the emotional pain from those experiences. 

Expect to stop your addiction after all your work is done or at the point that is comfortable for you. 

Also, expect that if you think you are done, but you do not have control over your addiction, you need to do more work. 

You may need a medical doctor over-seeing your addiction work if there is any type of health risk. 

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