Anxiety and Panic

Social Anxiety

Use your subconscious mind to help you face getting out there and fitting in. Hypnosis can get you in the norm.

Panic Attacks

Stop your heart beating too fast, your panicky breathing and that feeling of losing touch with your center calm.

Extreme Fears

Release upsetting things without re-living the upset. Be free from the related anxiety.

Performance Fears

Hypnosis helps you speak or perform in front of groups smoothly instead of getting giddy or mumbling or losing your train of thought. 

Work Jitters

Deal with workplace issues with a boss or a colleague that can make you sick if left to unresolved.

School Anxieties

Improve your confidence in taking tests and handling bullying and change blocked thinking.

Free Anxiety Assessment Form

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Hypnosis For Anxiety and Panic in MN & ND