About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Phone and Online Sessions

Some Hypnosis work can be done by phone or online. Call and ask for information on this. Anxiety and relationship issues work well done this way. 

Hypnosis Advice - Ask LeAnn

Click here for typical questions people ask about Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy. 

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Hypnosis Health Talks

Give me a call if you would like me to talk to your group about these topics:

  • Angry Women Around Men 
  • Save Our Kids By Talking Right
  • Men Afraid of Women
  • Is Work Making You Ill?
  • How Addictive Personalities Are Made
  • Alcohol is An Emotional Pain Soother
  • How Bullying Begins At Home
  • Smoking Issues Are Stressful
  • Help Children with Uninvolved Parents
  • Release Excessive Anger and Jealousy
  • Overweight is Emotional Pain
  • Stop Picking Your Wrong Match
  • Dumping A Family Member 
  • Rejection and Cancer 

Stress Ilnesses

The psychological meanings of illness can help find reasons the mind is ill.

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Hypnosis Background Information

Information about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy here. 

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Any Questions?

Email to connect with me at leann747@gmail.com or call 612-618-7599 for info in general and about online hypnosis sessions or phone sessions too.

Hypnosis Advice