Hypnosis For Anger Issues One-on-one For Quick Results

Hypnotherapy For Anger

How To Release Excessive Anger and Jealousy

Repetitive anger and jealousy can really cause havoc in a marriage if the anger  or jealousy is between the two. Or if it is between one spouse and someone else as in road rage because it puts people in danger.

Luckily, Hypnosis has a fairly quick way to handle releasing anger and/or jealousy so you can escape either one or both. It also works for resentment issues too. 

The solution: Change the subconscious mind! This is not an anger management class. It is a change-your-life class.

Here are some things Hypnosis can change: 

  • Getting angry when someone gets angry at you which escalates things. 
  • Going silent when someone gets angry at you which stops negotiation. 
  • Getting violent for something little and having a hissy-fit. 
  • Road rage behavior.
  • Unresolved everyday frustrations can make a person blow up at the wrong person.

Subconscious mind work is incredibly easy. It just takes time. The steps:

  1. Pinpoint the anger, resentment or jealousy situation you want to change.
  2. Find where you are holding the emotion in your body.
  3. Release it from your body.
  4. Delete your old behavior pattern   
  5. Put in a better behavior pattern. 


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